Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step


Hi guys i will guid you wordpress for beginners step by step .

First you have to purchase domain and hosting if you wants to practice you just create a free account at or install wamp server at your local system.

1st Step

Go to your browser navigation url bar and typing the if your using your local system then localhost:yourport/wp-admin. your port is not needed if you change it to in wamp server so you need to write here port other wise don’t need to write port by default port 80.

Q. What is wp-admin?

A. wp-admin is your admin panel where you will find following things.

Pages, Post, Comments, woocommerce products, woocommerce orders, plugins, users, SEO tools, media files, Categories, Tags, Php editor, Theme and what ever you wants to add.

Following image of wordpress admin panel login screen.

wordpress login screen

wordpress login screen to guide you how you can login in to wordpress.

When you login the wordpress you will find dashboard screen like following snapshot.

wordpress dashboard

wordpress dashboard screen to guide you how looks like dashboard after login.

Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step Article 2

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