Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step Article 3

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Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step Article 3.


You will learn in this article how to add post in wordpress.

when you login the wp-admin then you go to the the left side on dashboard you will see posts tab just select the mouse there don’t click it will show you two tabs like below image.

wordpress post all tabs

wordpress post all tabs exmaple showing in image

All posts, Add new, categories and Tags. you just click on add new it will be show like below image.

Wordpress add new post example

WordPress add new post example. how can you add new post.

1.Add new.

where you can add new post enter title here where you will be enter the title which will be showing in you home page or blog page. and below text box where you can enter the material of the your post as i explain all tools in my 2nd article you can style your below material of the page as you can also add the material of the post.


You can add categories like my technology categories is jquery, html etc as you can add your categories in your website or blog when you will be post any thing you have to select the category. you can also add category when you’r adding post see at right side +add new category where you will be add the category other wise it will add your post default category. you can select many categories in your post.


Tags showing about your post which type of your post which things showing in this post. its like a summary of your can add many tags in your post.

At the end set featured image option. you can set the picture about this post here which picture belongs to your post on your post page.

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