Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step Article 2

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Learn wordpress for beginners Step By Step Article 2.

You will learn in this article how to add pages in wordpress.

when you login the wp-admin then you go to the the left side on dashboard you will see pages tab just select the mouse there don’t click it will show you two tabs all pages and 2nd is Add new . you just click on add new it will be show like below image.

how to add wordpress pages

how to add wordpress pages showing example in image.

Enter the title you will add page name which will be showing in menu. example showing in below image.

Wordpress Pages title menu exmaple

wordpress Pages title showing in menu exmaple.

showing in 1st image add media button below in “enter title here” box. here you can add media files all Images, videos, Audio and can share it in a page. on first image your watching one box below in “enter title here” box this is page area where you will add page material and it will be showing in your selected page.

you can add any text in this box images, videos, audio which will be showing in your page. text have more advance option’s as your watching. below in “enter title here” box. describe you all options in below section. 1.paragraph ,2. bold and italic, 3. sequence, 4.blockquote, 5.alignments 3 box, 4. link,  5. remove link

  1. paragraph showing you sizes of text select the text and select paragraph and select the size.
  2. B is bold you can select the text and then select B it will be bold your text.
  3. I is italic your text same as bold select text and then select I.
  4. bulleted list you can select any text and sequence them with bulleted.
  5. sequence 2 is numbers like a bulleted but it will be showing numbers except bullets.
  6. block quote is not useable its seprate text from block.
  7. alignment is when you will select the text and select it. it will be left align all text and if alignment center  is selected it will be center if alignment is selected right side it will be showing text in right side.
  8. and next link is when you wants to give any text to link it will be selected and add the url. when user will click the text url will be open. and next is remove link to remove the link which linked.
  9. next is insert read more tag some times you see in websites.showing show more button it will be help to show more post or more data in page.

Guy i did talk about the visual in the right side your watching Text in the text you can add html tags if know html you will understand when you will click it. if you don’t understand html please learn for you can do more better

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